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Our aim was more than simply creating a wine terrace. We wanted to give something different to our guests and the visitors coming to Győr.
A complex picture of the Pannonhalma Wine Region, a comprehensive offering that presents the whole wine region, through its finest produce, to the discerning wine consumer.

Together with the winemakers of the PH-Érték community, and supported by their active presence, we await our guests at one of the most beautiful baroque squares of the country.

Every weekend you have the opportunity to meet one of the oenologists of the wineries, talk about wine, and taste the flavours of the surrounding hills together…



Pannonhalma Wine Region
Vineyard of Győr city

This wine region is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in Hungary. For centuries its excellent qualities have been observed and exploited. In the past, there were more red grapes in the wine region, but today it is an excellent production area for aromatic white wines with good body.
In terms of white grapes, mostly Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Irsai Olivér are now grown here. The proportion of red grapes grown is quite small, although the cooler climate favours the cultivation of acid-rich red grape varieties such as Blue Frankish, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.


PH-Érték is a professional and marketing communication association of a smaller group of wineries in the Pannonhalma Wine Region. They are convinced that wine must be linked to tourism and culture: a wine landscape with such quality and character generates quality tourism and culture, in which wine determines the level and character of the tourism and culture that can be associated with it.


Ács Winery

The history of the family winery in the beautifully located village Győrújbarát dates back to 1992. Over the past decade, their entire vineyard has been replanted and their range extended with new varieties. With the joint hard work of two generations and great enthusiasm for vines and wine, they strive to make excellent wines, at the same time preserving the family character of the winery, where „every drop of wine has a soul”.


Hangyál Winery

The Hangyál Winery is all about family. Wine plays an important role in the lives of the family members. It has inspired them to do things that nothing else would have brought about. The most important thing for them is to live ‘in love’ with family, grapes, and wine, and that’s all you need!


Herold Cellar

The Herold cellar is located at the bottom of the abbey, in the Gesztenyés-horog, next to the ‘old-new’ abbey cellars.

The cellar has a history of about 800 years; the family bought it in 2010, and at that time it had been unused for several years. After a cross-section extension, the hand-carved loess and sandstone cellar was created by carefully stacking nearly 100,000 bricks and was given its final form in 2014.


Pannonhalma Archabbey

For centuries, grapes and wine have played an important role in the lives of the monks of the monastery. However, the nationalisations that followed the Second World War destroyed the abbey’s grape and wine-growing tradition, which had flourished for nearly a thousand years. By creating a 50-hectare vineyard and with the construction of a state-of-the-art production facility, the monastery’s re-established winery opened its doors in 2003.


Pécsinger Vineyard

“We believe in grapes. So did our ancestors.
My father, my grandfather, and his father. Perhaps this faith helped us to make our dreams come true, despite the fact that we often started from an unfavourable position. We put an incredible amount of work into our wines.
This is the work of generations of Pécsingers. Our goal is to create excellent wine from carefully cultivated grapes and a future for our grandchildren.”
János Pécsinger


TAR Cellar

In recent years, the family business has undergone a complete technological renewal in order to provide the public with modern, high-quality wines. For them, perfectionism is an indispensable part of their profession, but in addition to their own ambitions, they also consider it important to revitalise the Pannonhalma Wine Region, as their lives are intertwined with this historic wine-growing region.



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